Worlds Largest Passenger Ships - Since 1900.

Years in ServiceShipOwnerGross TonsDimensions
2010-Allure of the SeasRoyal Caribbean225,282GT1,187.1 x 208ft
2009-Oasis of the SeasRoyal Caribbean225,282Gt1,187 x 208ft
2006-Freedom of the SeasRoyal Caribbean154,407GT1,112 x 184ft
2004-RMS Queen Mary 2Cunard151,400GT1,130 x 147.6ft
2002-Navigator of the SeasRoyal Caribbean138,279GT1,020 x 161ft
2000-Explorer of the SeasRoyal Caribbean137,308GT1,020 x 157.5ft
1999-Voyager of the SeasRoyal Caribbean137,276GT1,020 x 157.5ft
1998-Grand PrincessPrincess109,000GT951 x 118ft
1996-Carnival DestinyCarnival101,353GT893 x 125ft
1995-Sun PrincessPrincess77,499GT857 x 106ft
1992-Majesty of the SeasRoyal Caribbean74,077GT880 x 106ft
1991-Monarch of the SeasRoyal Caribbean73,937GT880 x 106ft
1988-Sovereign of the SeasRoyal Caribbean73,192GT880 x 106ft
1960-2004SS FranceCompagnie Générale Transatlantique66,343GT1,035 x 110ft
1940-1968RMS Queen ElizabethCunard/White Star83,673GT1,031 x 118ft
1932-1946SS NormandieCompagnie Générale Transatlantique79,280GT1,029 x 119ft
1914-1940SS BismarkGerman HAPAG Line56,551GT956 x 100ft
1913-1937SS VaterlandGerman HAPAG Line54,282GT950 x 100ft
1913-1919SS ImperatorGerman HAPAG Line52,117GT906 x 98ft
1912-1912RMS TitanicWhite Star Line52,310GT882 x 92ft
1911-1935RMS OlympicWhite Star Line45,324GT882 x 92ft
1907-1934RMS MauretaniaCunard31,938GT790 x 88ft
1907-1915RMS LusitaniaCunard31,550GT787 x 87ft
1906-1930SS Kaiserin Auguste VictoriaGerman HAPAG Line24,581GT677 x 77ft
1903-1933RMS BalticWhite Star Line23,876GT729 x 75ft
1903-1932RMS CedricWhite Star Line21,073GT700 x 73ft
1901-1928RMS CelticWhite Star Line20,904GT701 x 75ft


1. The SS Bismark is the cruise liner, not the battleship.
2. Ships having title of the world's largest cruise ship (during time of service). Larger ships that were decommissioned return the title of largest cruise ship to the ships in service.
3. Owner when launched. Some ships have changed name and ownership through the years.
   - Sovereign of the Seas became MS Sovereign when it was transferred to Pullmantur
   - SS France became SS Norway after purchase by Norweigian Cruise Line
   - SS Vaterland became SS Leviathan when the US acquired the ship after WWI
   - SS Bismark became SS Majestic when Great Britan acquired the ship after WWI
   - SS Imperator became USS Imperator when the US acquired the ship after WWI
   - SS Kaiserin Auguste Victoria became the USS Kaiserin Auguste Victoria then RMS Empress of Scotland
4. RMS Olympic regained title of largest cruise ship upon the sinking of the Titanic
5. Gross Tons are an arbitrary measurement of the ship's volume. 100 Cu Ft = 1 Gross Ton