Cruise port: Fort-de-France, Martinique

Well, now if I ever live to be an old man I'm gonna sail down to Martinique
I'm gonna buy me a sweat-stained Bogart suit And an African Parakeet
And then I'll sit him on my shoulder And open up my trusty old mind
I gonna teach him how to cuss, teach him how to fuss And pull the cork out of a bottle of wine...

From Jimmy Buffett's Migration

Fort-de-France, Martinique: Well, we didn't find a Bogart suit nor an African Parakeet in Martinique. In fact, when we booked the cruise, the agent told us that "Martinique does not like Cruise Ships, and Cruise Ships do not like Martinique". I found that was not true either, as Martinique was a wonderful island. This may have been true in the past as I heard a lot of horror stories about the island from past cruisers, however, it seems Martinique has been trying to rejuvinate their cruise tourism industry lately. Still, cruise ship wise, it is off the beaten path, and we were the only ship in port during the prime cruise season.

One thing you should know is that Martinique is still an intergal part of the French Republic, so obviously, French is the primary spoken word here. However, the tour operators and shop keepers near the port all speak English as well. And the currency is based on the Euro, so keep that in mind when you are in the shops. Although the American Dollar is welcomed here, they will bring out the calculators to figure out the exchange rate. Assume any advertised price is in Euros unless it specifically states it is in US Dollars.

While there are a couple of shops at the pier, the main downtown area is some distance away from the port, so expect about a mile walk to get there. You can either walk it on your own or take a cab.

On May 8, 1902, Mount Pelée - north of Saint Pierre erupted and completely destroyed the town, killing 30,000 people. The only survivor in the town was saved by the thick walls of his prison cell. I suppose crime does pay during a volcano eruption. Shortly thereafter the capital shifted to Fort-de-France, where it remains today.



Today, Mount Pelée is one of the most active volcanoes in the West Indies and it is likely to erupt again. Currently, Mount Pelée is under continuous watch by geophysicists and volcanologists.

Welcome - Fort-de-France, Martinique

All the comforts of home - Fort-de-France, Martinique

Shoreline of Saint Pierre, with Mount Pelée in the background, shrouded by clouds.

Batterie d'Esnotz, protecting the bay in Saint Pierre, Martinique

Depaz Rhum (Rum) plant - near Saint Pierre, Martinique

Steam engine powered by waste sugar cane stalks - Depaz Rum Plant

Piton de l'Alma - one of the 5 Pitons du Carbet.

Balata Church, Martinique

Martinique's version of Resturant Chez Malou - Le Morne-Rouge - Martinique

Fort St. Louis - Fort-de-France, Martinique


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