Departure Port of Canaveral

Port Canaveral is located in Centeral Florida along the Eastern Atlantic coast. The port serves ships from Royal Caribbean, Carnaval, Disney, and Norwegian Cruise Lines. Due to it's northern location (in respect to Miami and Ft. Lauderdale) cruises leaving here usually skip a port as it's about a day's further sail from the Caribbean.

Flying in: Passengers that fly in typically come from Orlando International or Sanford International airport, but Daytona International is also about the same distance. Regardless, all of the airports are generally 40~50 miles from the cruise port, so a good choice is a shuttle package from the cruise line for your trip from the airport.



Driving: There are really two choices here. Parking is available at the terminals for $15 to $26 per night (vehicle/RV). However, if you wish to arrive a night early, the hotels in the Port Canaveral area have some of the best Park-And-Cruise packages. The way these work is that you stay the night prior at the hotel, then you can park your car free or for a reduced charge at the hotel. Most hotels also provide shuttle service for a nominal fee.

Two of the more notable hotels are the Hampton Inn in Cocoa Beach and the Country Inn in Cape Canaveral. The major difference between the two is that the Country Inn is near the ship, while the Hampton Inn is near the beach. There are other hotels as well that provide the Park-And-Cruise packages, but these are the two we have stayed at. It's less expensive to utilize the Park-And-Cruise package than parking at the port; however, there is somewhat of an inconvenience of having to catch a shuttle. But you can typically save $50 or more vs. parking at the cruise port.

Another alternative is an outfit called Park-N-Cruise, located on Sea Ray Drive, west of the Banana River, just 5 minutes from the terminal. Parking is about $7 per day and they provide a shuttle to and from the ship.

Area Attractions: Port Canaveral offers plenty to do if you wish to extend your stay in the area. In addition to the beaches, you need to visit Ron Jon's Surf Shop as well as NASA's Kennedy Space Center. While the manned space flights from KSC are winding down, if you are lucky enough, you might catch a space launch of a satellite from the beach. Also be sure to catch the Valiant Air Command WarBird Museum in nearby Titusville.

And depending on how you got to Cape Canaveral, don't forget that Orlando is a mere hour's drive to the west, with all of those attractions...

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Hampton Inn - Cocoa Beach
Country Inn - Cape Canaveral
Valiant Air Command Warbird Museum
Kennedy Space Center
Ron Jon Surf Shop