Cruise port: Kralendijk, Bonaire

Kralendijk, Bonaire: One of the Dutch "ABC" islands, is one of the Leeward/Lesser Antillies. The island is known for it's natural reefs and scuba diving is one of the big attractions to this island. Like Aruba and Curaçao, this island is an arid - desert island, and has favorable trade winds that provide a constant cooling breeze. Some 80% of the island is powered by wind power as the trade winds are more or less constant.

There are not a lot of beaches on Bonaire. With over 100 dive spots,scuba or snorkeling is a better activity if you wish to be in the water here. Much of the coast line is rocky or rugged, as coral is abundant.



Bonaire is a beautiful country. We took a nice tour that took us around the island. We saw iguanas, a lot of cactus, went to the 2nd highest spot on the island, and finished up at the slave buildings and salt flats. A real interesting tour.

A rainbow greeted us as we approched Bonaire

Typical coast line - Bonaire

Rugged terrain - Bonaire

Groto Meer - Bonaire

One of the many cactus fences - Bonaire

Desert island - Bonaire

Old salt flats slave huts - Bonaire

Millenium Monument - Bonaire

Downtown Kralendijk - Bonaire

Dockside - Bonaire