Cruise port: Bridgetown, Barbados

Bridgetown, Barbados: Barbados is the furthest Eastern island in the Caribbean, and unlike the other islands in the area, was not formed by volcanism, but rather from sedimentary rock pushed up by plate tetonics. As a result, the island is flatter than it's neighbors.

Barbados is one of the more developed islands in the Caribbean, and it's roads and buildings show a higher level of sophistication than others.

When we visited Barbados, we went to one of the several Rum Distillerys on the island for a tour. In addition to Tourism, Rum is a major industry on Barbados. Visits were also made to a plantation and a woodworking artisan.



Visiting islands via cruise ship only gives you a taste of the wonders it holds for only a brief period of time. Therefore, Barbados should be on your short list to visit more than once as you plan your cruises. Unfortunately, it's distance from the US means that Barbados is beyond the cruise range for most cruise ships. Only those ships departing from San Juan, or ships on extended (longer than 7 day) voyages can reach Barbados.

Four Square Rum Distillery, Barbados

Sugar cane used in Rum production, Barbados

Highly automated Rum production, Barbados

Victorian era Church - Bridgetown, Barbados

300yr old Sunbury Plantation House,, Barbados

Antique camera collection at the Plantation - Barbados

Banyan Tree - Sunbury Plantation - Barbados

Mahogany crafts being made at Medford Craft World, Barbados

Mahogany crafts drying - Medford Craft World, Barbados

Completed craft work - Medford Craft World, Barbados

Modern highway system - Barbados

Welcoming sign at the cruise ship terminal - Bridgetown, Barbados



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